Sea Salt

Coarse Gray Sea Salt

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Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 1 lb - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 1 lb -  Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 2lb - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 5 lb - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 8 oz - Shaker - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - Brittany Sea Salt
  • Also known as Sel Gris, French Grey Sea Salt, and Celtic Sea Salt
  • Pure, unprocessed, hand gathered French sea salt from the renowned Guerande Salt Ponds, in Brittany, France. These millennial salt fields are registered as a National Treasure in France
  • Naturally high in iodine with no need for added chemical iodine like ordinary "iodized" table salt
  • Contains less sodium chloride--95% vs. 99.9% in ordinary processed salt
  • Contains trace minerals-- iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc and iron-- all vital to healthy cell function (please see analysis information)
  • Ancestral methods are used: gathered by hand from the renowned Salt Ponds of Guérande,  Our salt is never touched by metal; only wooden implements are used

Customer Reviews

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Pamela Horton
my order

I was very pleased to get my order. I appreciate your kind reply when I had a question when I could expect it to be delivered.
thank you again.
Pamela Horton

Celina Rappa
First purchase

Great quality! Amazing customer service, highly recommend!

Marina von der Ruhr
Robust and delicious

Beautiful salt, with an intense, robust flavor. Definitely need to use much less than regular salt. I will enjoy cooking with it. Thank you for this labor of love. I love knowing how it is harvested. Such a fascinating and ancient tradition.

Caroline Munden

Coarse Gray Sea Salt

Claudia Getz
A staple in my house

French Gray Salt is a staple in my house. It part of my fave dessert sprinkled on a spoonful of Nutella accompanied by a glass of Cabernet.

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