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Top 5 Benefits of Saltwater Baths and How to Make Your Own

Top 5 Benefits of Saltwater Baths and How to Make Your Own
Explore the alchemy of saltwater baths, where the simple pleasure of warm water meets the potent healing properties of sea salt, French Red Clay, and essential oils. Discover the benefits—skin health, muscle relaxation, mineral absorption, improved sleep, and stress relief. Create your own salt bath haven with the right ingredients, and embark on a transformative journey to wellness. Check out additional blogs for more insights into enhancing your bathing experience. Happy bathing!

Why Use Green Clay in Your Beauty Routine?

Mineral-rich green clay from the south of France is an ancient, natural beauty treatment for skin and hair. Also known as Illite, French green clay is an organic material composed of essential minerals and iron oxides. Decomposed plant material such as kelp and other seaweeds lend its characteristic green color. For centuries, Illite was known as French green clay after the rock quarries in southern France where it was originally found. It was commonly believed that the greener the clay, the higher the quality. Beauty treatments harness the absorbent properties of French green clay to draw out impurities and toxins...