Coarse Gray Sea Salt

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Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 1 lb - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 1 lb -  Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 2lb - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 5 lb - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - 8 oz - Shaker - Brittany Sea Salt
Coarse Gray Sea Salt - Brittany Sea Salt
  • Also known as Sel Gris, French Grey Sea Salt, and Celtic Sea Salt
  • Pure, unprocessed, hand gathered French sea salt from the renowned Guerande Salt Ponds, in Brittany, France. These millennial salt fields are registered as a National Treasure in France
  • Naturally high in iodine with no need for added chemical iodine like ordinary "iodized" table salt
  • Contains less sodium chloride--95% vs. 99.9% in ordinary processed salt
  • Contains trace minerals-- iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc and iron-- all vital to healthy cell function (please see analysis information)
  • Ancestral methods are used: gathered by hand from the renowned Salt Ponds of Guérande,  Our salt is never touched by metal; only wooden implements are used

Customer Reviews

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cesar Diaz

I been using for 2 years now the celtic sea salt and to me is the same good salt comes from Brittany sea salt company...but better price .. love it I will keep buying salt from these good people

Wanda J Heffernan
Wonderful! I LOVE this salt!!

We received the salt last Friday. I have used the gray salt for a few years, but your salt is much stronger and tastes much better. I am very glad to have found your company. Thank you!

Lucille Horensavitz
Flavorful Brittany Sea Salt a treat for our pallets!

Brittany Sea Salt is a God send! Brittany has added real depth to all of our meals and tastebuds! We never knew how much we needed Brittany Sea Salt in our diet - especially with all the minerals in it! Thank you for making this wonderful, flavorful salt available! Lucille H. 👍

Pamela Horton
my order

I was very pleased to get my order. I appreciate your kind reply when I had a question when I could expect it to be delivered.
thank you again.
Pamela Horton

Celina Rappa
First purchase

Great quality! Amazing customer service, highly recommend!

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