Sea Spaghetti

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Sea Spaghetti
Sea Spaghetti

Brittany Sea Salt Sea Spaghetti  is harvested from the natural seaweed fields of Brittany and brings complexity and flavor when added to pasta, shellfish or fish dishes. It is gently dried and can be conserved indefinitely when stored dry.


RAW: For raw cuisine, soak and serve with your favorite sauce--looks just like pasta!


  • Versatile garnish and salad ingredient
  • Adds a hearty seaside note to pasta, shellfish or fish dishes.
  • Can be soaked and drained for use in raw dishes
  • Great healthy snack right out of the package
  • Wonderful whole body remineralizer
  • Seaweed is recommended by holistic practitioners for detoxifying the organism
  • Excellent for gluten free diet and yeast elimination (Candida Diet)

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