Sea Spaghetti

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Sea Spaghetti - Brittany Sea Salt
Sea Spaghetti - Brittany Sea Salt
Sea Spaghetti - Brittany Sea Salt
Sea Spaghetti - Brittany Sea Salt
Sea Spaghetti - Brittany Sea Salt
Sea Spaghetti - Brittany Sea Salt

Brittany Sea Salt Sea Spaghetti is harvested from the natural seaweed fields of Brittany and brings complexity and flavor when added to pasta, shellfish or fish dishes. It is gently dried and can be conserved indefinitely when stored dry.

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My FAV Un-Spaghetti Noodle

This is an absolutely wonderful product. I've been using it for at least 10 years. First discovered by a company that no longer provides it. . Thank goodness for this website. The out coming texture is completely up to the chef. This is so versatile in that, it can either be boiled/cooked, soaked in hot or cold water to soften to desired consistency. I've used the product a number of ways.
1. As a stand in for rice.
2. Substituting for potatoes and the usual for spaghetti.
3. My FAV creation (I'm strictly vegan) was on a bed of alfalfa and clover sprouts, I seasoned the noodles with a variety of dried herbs and a splash of x-v olive oil, then topped with sauteed chunks of hearts of palm (substituting for scallop) seasoned with a variety of seaweed powders and chopped fresh italian parsley. It was simply delish.
Too bad I can't post a photo. Thanks for providing this product. Please don't take it away.

Elaine :-)

How is this not more well known?!

I have been a raw vegan for a couple of weeks now and I've been desperate for a good pasta replacement. Zucchini noodles are good but they don't quite cut it. This sea spaghetti, however, is AWESOME! I just soaked it in water for 4 hours and strained it, threw some raw herbs, spices and tomatoes on them and BAM it was sooo good! Didn't even need to salt them because they're naturally salty. I'd say they taste comparable to spinach noodles, but richer in flavor. They are also very similar to actual pasta in consistency. It scratched my pasta itch just right. I researched them and it turns out this seaweed grows in spaghetti like strands already, so they don't even have to slice it that way, it's as natural as spaghetti can get! I just ordered 3 more 3.5 oz packs of this deliciousness. I highly recommend to anyone, especially raw vegans because there just isn't anything else like this for us out there.

Susan Pensak
Good for you

Love it.

but the smell like raw

I have not try it yet, but the smell like raw fish

Love it.

This is a great product. I usually just eat it raw tossed on top of a mixed green salad. You can soak it for a few minutes in hot water or cook it too. But, I like the slightly crunchy texture it adds to a salad. This a great way to get your iodine and other minerals especially when not using regular iodized salt.

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