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Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt

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Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt - Brittany Sea Salt
Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt - Brittany Sea Salt

Infused with protein-rich spirulina and laminaria algaes, our hand-crafted Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt will revitalize your body with 100% natural sea salts and seaweeds from Brittany, France.

Green seaweed helps to detox impurities and replenish essential minerals lost throughout the day. Salt baths promote rest and relaxation to combat the stress of everyday life.

Rejuvenate in a few simple steps:
  • Throw a handful of our luxurious bath salt mix into a warm bath, ideal at 98°.
  • Immerse yourself in the aroma of France’s finest and relax for 20 minutes. Think of waves caressing your worries away.
  • Relax for a full 20 minutes, or until your fingers are sufficiently shriveled. Hop out of the bath and gently pat skin dry. For best results, do not rinse or apply other products.
  • Lounge in a warm robe. Luxuriate for 20 more minutes, while the power of the algae reinvigorates you and prepares you for a refreshed perspective.
  • Feel like a brand new, productive member of society and enjoy your day.


      Customer Reviews

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      Steph T
      Great addition to bath time

      Feels great to soak in after a good, long work out. I used a rubber band tied muslin cloth to make a tea bag type container since I had read the seaweed can leave residue in the tub, but by time I was done, it had all dissolved out into the water. I'm thinking that's an unnecessary step, and probably will just pour it in next time. Skin felt great, mildly tingly when I got out. I sat in the tub til my body was completely air dried, so it had to chance to soak in all the goodness. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy all of the steps. It's worth it!

      Amazon Customer
      Healing for what Ailes you

      It reduced my swelling in my leg in 1 day

      Five Stars

      Nice product !

      Taylor Jackson
      Five Stars

      Great skin results!

      Cindy Lutch
      Bath Salt Review

      I know seaweed and bath salts are very good for your body and skin but not crazy about it! It is like taking a bath in the ocean, wanted it more luxurious.

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