Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt

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Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt - Brittany Sea Salt
Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt - Brittany Sea Salt

Infused with protein-rich spirulina and laminaria algaes, our hand-crafted Wave Connection Brittany Seaweed Mineral Bath Salt, will revitalize your body with 100% natural Brittany sea salts and seaweeds.

 Algae promotes relaxation and detoxification by replacing essential body minerals lost during the stress of everyday life.

Rejuvenate in a few simple steps:

  • Throw a handful of our luxurious bath salt mix into a warm 98° bath.
  • Immerse yourself as you take in the aroma of France’s finest. Soak in the warmth as you imagine gentle waves caressing your worries away.
  • Relax for a full 20 minutes, or until your fingers are sufficiently shriveled. Hop out of the bath and gently pat skin dry. For best results, do not rinse or apply other products.
  • Lounge in a warm robe. Luxuriate for 20 more minutes, while the power of the algae reinvigorates you and prepares you for a refreshed perspective.
  • Feel like a brand new person who enjoys life!

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