Salt Analysis And Info

Our unprocessed French sea salt will add an instant je-ne-sais-quoi to any meal. Hand-harvested to preserve the intricate flavors of the sea salt, bring home the purest crystals from the pristine salt ponds of Guerande. Our salt highlights France’s dedication to natural foods and quality ingredients.

Wow your taste buds with our finest table salt, the luxurious Fleur de Sel, and bring out the complex flavors of natural foods and prepared dishes. Bake gourmet treats with Coarse Gray Guerande Sea Salt. Add Sea Spaghetti to any raw food diet for a nutritious boost -- or cook it to flavor your seafood recipes. Add a new dimension to any dish with Sea Parsley, our special seaweed blend.


Chemical Analysis of Coarse Salt (4mm)
              Results              Units
Water insoluble
              0.70                       %
Moisture content at 110 C 10.34 %
             10.34                      %
             85.37                      %NaCl
Sodium Chloride dry 
             95.2                        %
               1.26                      %
Calcium total (Ca)
               0.25                      %
Magnesium total (Mg)
               0.37                      %
Potassium total (K)
               0.09                      %
Sodium total (Na)
             32.90                      %
                 .0300                 ppm
Manganese total (Mn)
              10.0                     mg/kg  
Zinc (Zn)
                0.8                     mg/kg
Iron total (Fe)
            250.00                    mg/kg
Physical Characteristics
Moisture Content:
            < 13%
Insoluble Content:
           < 0.75%