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Brittany Sea Salt - Fleur De Sel

Fleur De Sel

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Live like royalty.

You’ve found the salt that will make your taste buds sing.

Guérande Fleur de Sel, literally “flower of salt”, is also known as the caviar of salt. Sprinkled sparingly on prepared dishes or used at the table, it's the world’s most refined finishing salt. 

Just one pound of Fleur de Sel is produced for every 80 pounds of coarse gray salt. Harvested only on warm breezy summer afternoons in heritage ponds dating from the Iron Ages, the faintly violet-flavored salt was considered so royal, it was served only to kings and queens.

Sprinkle it immediately before serving on veggies, salads, fish, grilled meats--anything needing crunch, or a jolt of perfectly placed salty flavor. Try dotting Fleur de sel atop cookies or cakes before baking, or simply toss a few grains onto your favorite dark chocolate. Fleur de sel is the great chef’s secret for enhancing food’s natural flavor and moisture, and now it can be yours.



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